2021 Holiday Food Drive

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We are excited to announce the 2021 ECAA – Holiday Food Drive.  We have created a flyer that can be printed off and promoted at your properties.  This food drive is a great way for us to bring our residents together and our communities together to help fight hunger!  There is a great deal of food depravity in our area, and the Manna Food bank has said that we cannot give too much!  Our goal is participation from as many properties as possible and that each property is able to collect at least 1 lb per unit.  The rule of thumb is that one pound provides 1 meal. 
Ask your residents…How many meals can your property provide?  We should ask ourselves…how many meals can our association provide?  I’m so excited to see the results.  We will record the weight for each collection, and provide the results back to your team.  Pictures will be taken for reference to post on social media and to provide to your property management and ownership.
***Please e-mail Nathan Spitsbergen  if you are planning to participate.  He will bring boxes to you from the Manna Food Bank for your collection.  Once the food is collected, CORT Furniture will come by and pick up the food to take to the food bank.  His cell is 850-549-7525.  You can text, call, or e-mail me when you are ready for pick up.***
Since this is a Holiday drive and not a Thanksgiving drive, we have additional time to collect.  The deadline will be Monday, Dec. 13th which is just over 3 weeks and includes 4 weekends!  Let me know if you have any questions.